Say Goodbye To Acne-Prone Skin with Rosa T Serum (Product Reviews by Malaysians)

As taking care of your acne-prone skin is more than just applying products that help with the scars, getting a head start in treating the root cause like having a more improved skincare routine that attends to your skin can make a whole difference in the long run. Choosing the best serum can be confusing but Garden of EDEN ROSA T Acne Serum aims to make it a whole lot easier for those who are looking to have long-lasting healthy skin. Nature is the best remedy, hence a product from a plant-based advocate company can do you no wrong.  Ready to dive in and find out more about the famous best serum for acne scars in Malaysia along with the reviews from fellow Malaysians? Let’s go! 

The Wonders of Garden of EDEN ROSA T Serum

Containing pure Australian Tea Tree Oil that’s rich with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, Garden of EDEN ROSA T Serum helps relieve your skin from redness and inflammation. How you may ask?  Well, acting as an agent that controls and absorbs excessive sebum produced by your skin, tea tree oil helps minimize pores and prevents clogged pores that contribute to bacteria feeding on the sebum, causing acne flare-ups, skin redness and acne scars.  A little fun fact - Did you know that 5% of tea tree oil gives the same effect on your acne-prone skin as 5% Benzoyl Peroxide would, minus the side effects that you’d probably have with sensitive skin?  Might as well try your chances with a clinically proven and made out of 100% plant extract Garden of EDEN ROSA T Acne Serum to protect your sensitive skin from further damage.  Time to debunk the myth that many believe - serums make your face oily thus acne-prone, which is not true at all. Contrary to popular belief that oil causes clogged pores which leads to outbreaks of acne, it is the excessive oil / sebum production by sebaceous glands that causes oily skin and blocked pores.  This is where Garden of EDEN ROSA T Acne Serum comes to the rescue, with a quick and non-sticky absorption effect, your skin benefits from the element of rosehip seed oil that reduces excessive skin sebum production combined with grape seed oil that helps regulates the production of sebum normally.  With triple action benefits of reducing oil production, clearing acne from the root, and preventing scar formation, this product gives the highest result when used after washing your face with the best cleanser for acne skin, the ROSA T Mild Cleanser that’s free from skin harshness ingredients such as parabens and SLS.  While many of you might prefer moisturizers over serums, it is best to educate yourself on the differences between the both. Serums have a more potent function compared to moisturizers in penetrating deeply into the skin to deliver active ingredients. The texture too differs from serum having thinner viscosity and is significantly lighter than moisturizers generally. 

Malaysians Review on Garden of EDEN ROSA T Acne Serum 

Francisca Ester Nain went on her Instagram page to review her experience using ROSA T Acne Serum from Garden of EDEN Malaysia, saying “I'm using this serum twice a day after toner and essence. It really helps to clear up my acne. I really like this serum because it's not greasy at all. This serum is clinically proven for acne and oily. A bottle of 15ml lasts about 3 months of use. It's available at Watson, Guardian, AEON Wellness and Caring Pharmacy.”

Model Nadia Ghafouri shared her experience of how Garden of EDEN ROSA T Serum has helped her in overcoming her acne problems. She shared “As a model, I'm oftentimes exposed to wearing make-up for 8 hours or longer and my acne would just appear whenever. I’ve always had this issue and it never seems to be resolved. Ever since this serum arrived at my doorstep, it works wonders. I used it consistently every night before hitting the sack and it’s amazing to see how my acne issue starts resolving”.

Another review by a fellow Malaysian Instagrammer, Zana Aziz, vouched for the product when she shared this,- “When only 2 drops can change your whole skin. Been tested by me for 1 month and now I’m on the second bottle already. It’s Rosa T Acne serum by @goe_skincare that I’ve been hiding. It is clinically proven for acne and it cures mine. And also controls and reduces my oily skin. The best thing is it prevents acne scars.

To complement your skincare routine with our Garden of EDEN ROSA T serum, consider combining our popular Garden of EDEN Satin White Day Cream sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

You can conveniently find these products at physical stores near you, including Guardian, Watsons, Caring, Alpro Pharmacy, Healthlane Pharmacy, AEON Wellness Pharmacy, or Sunway Multicare.

Alternatively, you have the option to explore and purchase our Malaysian skincare products online shop by visiting our website today!

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