The Best Clean Beauty Moisturizers by Garden of EDEN – Your Trusted Skincare Company in Malaysia

Garden of EDEN is popularly known as the pioneering skincare to release a 100% plant-extract serum, the first clean beauty product by a local skincare brand and company in Malaysia.

Staying true to our slogan, “Trusted skincare brand” and our clean beauty philosophy, “Kind to skin, kind to the planet” it is a great pleasure to announce we have officially launched our latest 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid moisturiser range, the Hydra Range, on 15th June 2023 at Glasshouse Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.

Made from 95% natural ingredients and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, these 3 amazing Face Moisturizer Gel and Hydrating Creams are the ultimate moisturizers for those dealing with dry skin face in Malaysia, catering to a range of skin types, including those with combination or oily skin types. They deliver an impressive 72-hour hydration. Yes, you read it right, 72 long hours of deep hydration. More on that later because we’re excited to share more about the event itself with you!

In case our readers do not know, this was also our first-ever product launch event, and we were blessed with the support and love given to us throughout the event!

Let’s Dive into Our Hydra Launch Event Featuring Our Favorite Garden of EDEN Skincare Range.

First up, we had an Experiential Counter where our friends could test out Garden of EDEN’s skincare products. On the counter, there was the 100% natural serum range and the new Hydra Range.

Of course, our dear influencer friends couldn’t help themselves but take a few photos at our Experiential Counter. Who can blame them? It was so Instagrammable!

Secondly, we had a Skin Analysis counter where guests could get a detailed report of their skin condition on the spot. This free skin analysis was done professionally by one of our very own skincare experts, representing our expertise as a top skincare company in Malaysia. By the end of the analysis, the guests not only found out about their skin’s health but were also given some recommendations as to how to improve their skin’s condition by using one of our nourishing moisturisers for those dealing with dry skin face in Malaysia, and also catering to a range of skin types, including those with combination or oily skin types. Definitely, it was one of the best main attractions at our event as guests got to know their skin type better and which plant-based lightweight moisturisers would be the best treatment for their skin!

Following that, we introduced the Expression Canvas, a fun space where our lovely guests could let their creative juices flow, drawing and scribbling to their hearts’ content. As the event came to a close, the canvas was adorned with a multitude of heartfelt well wishes. We were genuinely touched by the warmth and kindness, so much so that we couldn’t resist hanging it up proudly in our Garden of EDEN HQ office!

Of course, we couldn’t let our amazing guests leave empty-handed. We shared some fantastic treats, including 2 of our Hydra Cream Hyaluronic Moisturizers, a handy whole mini set with samples of our 4 natural moisturizers, and a Garden of EDEN pouch & canvas bag. It was our way of saying thank you for being a part of our special day!

One of the major highlights of the event was the engaging interview session with our users and the esteemed Dr. Mellisa Wong, a professional aesthetic doctor and a finalist in the Mrs. Malaysia International World 2023 who shared with us her valuable insights and thoughts on the Hydra Range skincare by Garden of EDEN, making it a memorable part of our event.

Wondering where you can find Garden of EDEN skincare products?

Catering to various skin types, including combination, oily, and dry skin face types, check out these moisturizers in Malaysia and you can also pair it up with our top-selling sunscreen to complete your skincare routine with our Garden of EDEN Satin White Day Cream by heading to your nearest physical store at Guardian, Watsons, Caring, Alpro Pharmacy, Healthlane Pharmacy, AEON Wellness Pharmacy, or Sunway Multicare!

Alternatively, you can also shop for our Malaysian skincare products online by visiting our website.

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