Yes! You may apply make-up or foundation after applying our products. We highly recommend you use our Satin White Day Cream SPF 30 after applying our facial serums for optimum anti-aging sun protection and for radiant skin. You can apply foundation or compact powder after applying Satin White Day Cream SPF 30

Absolutely! Our products are suitable for both men and women, regardless of age.

Yes, all our products are safe to be used by children. Our serum range are 100% natural from plant extracts and are FREE from chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, animal ingredients, artificial colouring and artificial fragrance. Even babies can use our serums (babies with eczema or rashes will benefit from applying Primrose E Rad

Yes, all our products are paraben and SLS-free and safe for pregnant mothers. You may want to try our JOJO E Stretch Mark Serum that helps to prevent stretch marks (if you pregnant) and treat existing stretch marks (if you already have delivered your baby but would like to lighten stretch marks on your body).

We use Ninja Van to ship all domestic orders in Malaysia.

Just apply 2–3 small drops of serum onto your fingertips and then dab it on your cleansed forehead, cheeks, nose and neck. Gently massage onto your skin till fully absorbed.

It is not necessary to apply moisturizer as our products are rich in moisturizing ingredients, which help hydrate your skin. But if you wish to use a moisturizer, you can use it after applying the serum.

You can use our serum around your eye area, however, do ensure you only apply it using the last residue of the serum that remains on your fingertips after applying the serum on your face. Gently pat around the eye area till fully absorbed.

No. Rosa T Acne Serum is specially formulated to penetrate into your skin quickly, leaving no greasy after-feel. Not only will it not make your face oilier, it will reduce the oiliness of your face.

If you have acne-prone skin, you should treat your acne first with Rosa T Acne Serum. Once the acne is cleared, use Natur E Scar Serum for the acne scars. The good thing about Rosa T Acne Serum is it helps prevent acne scars while treating the acne. For old acne scars, it is best to use Natur E Scar Serum.

All of our serum products are suitable for sensitive skin. You can try our Primrose E Radiant Skin Serum. It is specially formulated to help revitalize dry and dull-looking matured skin, giving it a natural glow. You can read more about the serum here.

Yes, Jojo E Stretch Mark Serum is a concentrate of specially selected ingredients combined to work together to help strengthen skin's collagen and elastin against stretch marks. It is 100% natural and safe for mom and baby. You can read more about the serum here.

Yes. Tea tree oil, the main active ingredient of Tea Tree E Serum, is a very good natural insect repellant. As we have personally tried and tested, Tea Tree E Serum works wonders in repelling flies and leaches too.

We recommend using one serum at a time, but you can use two different serums in a day, e.g. Grape E Anti-aging Serum in the morning and Rosa E Pigmentation Serum at night.

It depends on the severity of your skin condition. For mild condition, you should be able to see the results in 3–4 weeks time, provided you apply our serum diligently every day. The reason it takes 3–4 weeks is because our skin takes about 28 days to renew itself.

The best serum to apply to your hair is Jojo E Stretch Mark Serum as its main ingredient jojoba oil helps strengthen hair roots and promote healthy hair growth.

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You can buy our products through our online store or buy them from one of our many dealers, if you're locating in Malaysia. You can use our store locator to find out your nearest dealer.

Yes. All of our products are certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

If total order is RM80.00 and above, shipping is FREE. If total order is below RM80.00, shipping fee is RM8.00.

Acne Kit and Anti-Aging Kit are specifically packed as a set to be sold only through our online store. However, you may get the individual items from retail pharmacies.

If you live in Malaysia, it takes 3-5 working days for you to receive your order (Sabah and Sarawak could be a day or so later). If you live in Singapore, Brunei or Labuan, it will take 2 weeks for your order to reach you.

We regret that Returns and Refunds cannot be accommodated. However, exchanges of product purchased may be accepted only due to the physical damage of item purchased. Please note that customers are responsible for confirming the condition of goods before accepting and signing the consignment note from the courier company. Should there be a damage of the item(s) purchased, we will require customers to report damaged goods together with a photograph of damaged item(s) via e-mail to hello@goeskincare.com within 7 days from the date of receiving items, subject to confirmation reply from us. Exchange items should be sent back to us at Customer's own cost. Delivery or shipping fees are not refundable.

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