Rosa T Acne Serum 15ml

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Rosa T Acne Serum is CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce acne and oily skin using 100% Plant Extracts (no harmful side effects)!

Packed with pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, nature’s very own anti-bacterial, Rosa T Acne Serum is CLINICALLY PROVEN to fight acne without harming the skin. Besides killing acne-causing bacteria, it effectively reduces the sebum or oil production on skin, which is the main reason behind acne outbreaks. Rosa T Acne Serum also contains natural vitamin E, which helps clear acne scars and improves your skin complexion.


  • Reduces oily skin
  • Clears pimples & blackheads
  • Helps prevent acne scars and smoothen skin
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6 reviews for Rosa T Acne Serum 15ml

  1. azriel

    i pakai this one…sebulan jrwat abis semua…merah2 pun hilang…cume serum dia kne cntrol sikit..sbb oily far besttt

  2. watie

    i have used some of your products …for the first week it does wonder in my skin. my colleagues notice the different and told me that my face look brighter. after so many years since my study period till now (i’m 31 y’o) this is the 1 time my skin getting better by using your product.
    i am tremendously happy. i hope that these products will continuously do wonder for my skin.

  3. myra

    I pakai ni mmg best tq eden garden

  4. F

    I really love it that your skincare range contains mostly natural ingredients because these days I’ve been finding skin care products that use less chemical. I couldn’t find any in the drugstores until i see Garden of Eden. Starting with Rosa T Acne Serum, (which contains no synthetic chemicals at all! ?????) I then decided to try the whole acne range.

    The mild cleanser is very light and actually cleans quite very effectively. Love it so much! Looking at the ingredients, with no SLS and Paraben, aloe vera and few other natural ingredients really make me feel happy because I am no longer worried for putting a lot of chemicals on my face like I used to before ? My acne and oily skin is now under control. ???

    And the Soothing Toner is just very fine! No alcohol, very light, and absorbs very quickly, what’s not to love about it ? And I think this is the best toner i’ve ever used so far. My pores are now looking much ‘cleaner’ and i can feel that my complexion is getting softer and smoother day by day (eventhough i have only used it for approx. 1 week ? —- seriously I don’t lie at all). My face is not really flawless yet (Haha!) But i love to touch my face now. ??

    The Rosa T Acne Gel is also doing great to my skin, it along with Rosa T Acne serum which I put on every night may have done something to my face to shrink my pimples. I dont have redness on my pimples when I put them on! I was really worried at first because I have sensitive skin.

    Anddd above all, your products also got Halal logo which Malay consumers like me would really really be happy about it. I should have known and used this product earlier, seriously!

    Thank you so much for inventing this product!

    Sincerely from GOE’s fan,

  5. 5 out of 5

    NONI ERNA MOHD ZUBI (verified owner)

    Penggunaan yg konsisten & rutin yg betul membantu mengurangkan masalah jerawat saya. Produk ini & set acne berkesan untuk saya.

  6. 5 out of 5

    farrah_einn (verified owner)

    this serum is doing a really great work on my skin. during this pandemic, i’ve been suffered with maskne problem. my jawline was very bad until i start using this serum constantly.
    now, my jawline got no more problem. Thank you so much!!!

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