Discover Garden of EDEN’s Best Serum in Malaysia For Acne Scars

You may have found a way to clear up the acne breakouts but the trail of scars left behind is actually the real struggle that many face. It can be frustrating to deal with, especially when over-the-counter treatments don’t seem to work. That’s where acne serums come in.

Skincare has for some time been on the rise, including acne serum for the face, which is amongst the popular hunts for those who are struggling with breakouts and acne scars. There are many aspects of acne scar formation that you should know before looking for the best acne scar serum in Malaysia. Let’s dive in then, shall we?

Acne Scars & How It Affects You?
First of all, while acne scarring isn’t a chronic condition, one shall not undermine the effect it has on all levels of those who battle against acne and acne scars on a regular basis. It’s no wonder that a large group of people (over 65%) in Malaysia hunt for the best scar serum for acne scars.

The Dos & Don’ts for Your Skin
For starters, there are a few habits that can cause acne scars if we’re not careful.

Popping pimples is at the top of the list of the worst habits that cause acne scars.

Yes, it can be hard to resist the temptation of simply squeezing the little pus out and the satisfaction of the aftermath might seem worth it, but little did you know that the little squeeze has only led to trauma on your skin and you’ve just amplified the risk of infection along with inflammation, which is the number 1 cause of permanent scarring.

Next on the list is make-up.

Make-up exists to compliment your look, not become your main look itself. Unfortunately, it has become the most sought-after for those who have acne scars. Not only is it a temporary solution but make-up is also an accomplice to causing acne breakouts as it blocks the pores and traps bacteria and oils when it is done heavily to conceal existing acne scars and breakouts.

It is best to opt for a long-term solution like getting your hands on the best serum for acne scars, the Garden of Eden’s ROSA T Acne Serum with triple action benefits that work wonders on your skin.

What is Acne Scar Serum & How does it work?

Acne serums are treatments that are designed to target acne-prone skin. They are typically lightweight and fast-absorbing, making them ideal for use under makeup or as part of a daily skincare routine.

Unlike traditional acne treatments, which can be harsh and drying, Garden of EDEN acne serum is 100% plant-based and formulated to be gentle on the skin yet tough on acne and acne scars, making it the perfect choice for daily acne care.

Here are the three key ingredients you should look for in an acne serum:

  • Tea Tree Oil: Clinically proven to clear acne breakout gently yet effectively.
  • Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol): Helps in acne scar tissue repair and smoothens the skin
  • Rosehip Seed Oil: Produces Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) with unique oil control ingredient, known as linoleic acid, a fatty acid the skin must have for healthy balanced skin

When applied to the skin, acne serums penetrate deep into the pores to deliver these active ingredients where they are needed most. Over time, they can help to reduce the appearance of existing acne and prevent new breakouts from forming.

Should serums be used for oily skin?

Absolutely! If you have been neglecting serum then you’re missing out!

Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum, which then leads to other skin issues such as the formation of acne breakouts, clogged pores, and even blackheads.

Clinical studies show that people with oily and acne prone skin lack one essential fatty acid on the skin, which is linoleic acid.

The idea that oil is bad for the skin is a myth.

The skin needs good oil – the essential fatty acids, for a healthy balance and functioning of the skin.

Using the right acne serum can actually help in rebalancing the oil production on the skin, and reduces the appearance as well as clears up clogged pores. It’s best to explore active ingredients in serums tailored to your specific skin concerns before making any purchase.

Garden of EDEN – Best Treatment for Your Scars

Garden of EDEN ROSA T Acne Serum is a safe and natural serum that not only benefits your skin, but is also environmentally friendly.

As our ROSA T Acne Serum is made of 100% plant-based ingredients without chemicals or alcohol, ROSA T Acne Serum provides the assurance that your skin is free from harsh chemicals that could create more acne instead of treating acne breakouts and scars. This assures zero possibility of skin irritation, even for those with sensitive skin.

The texture of Garden of EDEN ROSA T Acne Serum is lightweight, absorbs quickly into the skin, and does not leave a sticky or greasy layer on the face; making it one of our best seller products.

In Malaysia, grabbing the best acne serum for acne scars can be confusing with many acclaimed best products for acne scars in the market. Therefore, we always recommend looking for the 3 key ingredients as mentioned earlier, which are Tea Tree Oil, Natural Vitamin E, and Rosehip Seed Oil – that are super-potent with antioxidants and are clinically proven to reduce and prevent acne breakouts, as well as repair acne scars.

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