Introducing Garden of EDEN’s New Hydra Moisturizers!

Loving your skin isn’t vanity, it’s sanity – Andre Gide. Self-love starts from within for sure, but let’s not forget how we feel about ourselves is important in all aspects of life. That includes our physical appearances too. Having said that, it is only natural to presume that our facial skin is the main cover representing our overall look. Thus, protecting and nourishing it to our best capacity is one of the most mindful acts we can do as a start. Luckily, Garden of EDEN Malaysia has recently released a range of new Hydra skincare products that are dedicated to flourishing, not only your complexion but also your confidence to another whole level. Now, it’s time to check out what the latest skincare Garden of EDEN has to make your day!

Latest Garden of EDEN Malaysia Hydra Skincare

This series of beauty moisturisers highlights the few values of the Garden of EDEN itself. They are all 95% natural-origin with multifunctions for your skin to optimise on various benefits and additionally are environmentally-friendly as we embody the concept of sustainability with our products.

As firm advocates of natural clean brands, none of our products is made with nasties such as parabens, alcohol, silicones, colouring, fragrances etc.

With 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid for ultra-hydration and Niacinamide for 72-HR continuous skin hydration effect, we are also dermatologically tested for all types of skin conditions including sensitive skin, ensuring our products are consumer friendly and suitable for everyone.

Best Treatment for Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone
Starting with ROSA E (Brightening Hydra cream), which is considered one of the best face brightening serums in Malaysia, this skincare product of Garden of EDEN lives up to its potential by also strengthening the skin barrier, giving it all the protection you need for your face.

The potent combination of Rosehip Seed Oil, with extracts from Mulberry, Hibiscus, Cucumber, Silver Vine and Vitamin C is the key reason to naturally boost skin lightening, even skin tone and luminous skin.

Say No to Wrinkles, Yes to Youthful Look
Next up would be our Garden of EDEN Malaysia’s latest Grape E (Anti-Aging Hydra Cream). Bringing you the combination of hydration along with the anti-aging factor, you can wave goodbye to your wrinkles as it aids with the firming and smoothing of your facial skin.

The function of this skincare product of Garden of EDEN extends to delay skin aging by boosting collagen and elastin. It also adds value to the lengthening of cell life while firming skin and reducing wrinkles with the fuse of ingredients such as Spilanthes Acmella, Astragalus root Extract and Goji Berry.

Moist, Nourish & Replenish Your Glow
Third on the list of Garden of EDEN Malaysia’s latest Hydra skincare products is the Primrose E (Radiant Hydra Cream). Made with hydration ingredients such as Shea Butter and Avena Sativa, various types of skin can benefit from it with instant & long-lasting moisturisation through this cream.

The anti-inflammatory ingredients help to soothe sensitive and blemished skin, while the combination of vitamins and proteins nourishes dry skin and restores its natural radiance.

Meanwhile, evening primrose oil, which is a rich source of essential fatty acids nutrients, is excellent for not only nourishing and moisturising sensitive and coarse skin but also strengthening the skin barrier via healthy skin regeneration and protection.

Clear Out the Acne & Protect Your Skin
Last but not least, our latest product in the Garden of EDEN Malaysia’s Hydra collection would be the Rosa T (Anti-Acne Hydra Gel).

This Garden of EDEN skincare moisturising gel is the perfect choice for our fellow Malaysians that are struggling with acne breakouts and oily skin as it is committed to helping you treat your acne from the inside out.

Through prebiotic nutrients derived from various natural extracts like the Burnet root, ginger root, cinnamon bark and mangosteen, this moisturising gel helps to promote the growth of good and beneficial bacteria on the skin while limiting the growth of harmful acne bacteria. In short, it rebalances skin microbiomes, minimises pores, and reduces sebum-buildup within 15 minutes. It is the best solution to combat bacterial acne growth on the skin.

Extra Love with Only The Best of Garden of EDEN Skincare

While we are talking about all these great products, let us also take you on the benefit of our Garden of EDEN skincare best face brightening serum in Malaysia.

An ideal solution to getting glowy skin, it covers not only the lightening of pigmentation and dark spots but also firms up the skin and maintains the radiance by promoting skin renewal and repair.

The progress can be noticed as fast as 6 weeks with consistent and committed usage of the face brightening serum easily found in many Malaysian drugstores.

Sensitive skin peeps, you can peacefully gain the best outcome from this best face brightening serum in Malaysia as it is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Here’s the best part of the new Hydra products in Garden of EDEN Malaysia, you can effectively attend to your skin needs by combining the mentioned above products with their respective Garden of EDEN serum collections [Rosa E (Pigmentation Serum), Grape E (Anti-Aging Serum), Primrose E (Radiant Skin Serum), Rosa T (Acne Serum)] as well.

Why, you may ask? Well, while the serums are 100% concentrated from plant extracts allowing deeper penetrations of skin layers which deliver nutrients and vitamins, the Hydra range creams and gel that complements the serums become the ultra hydration conduit that increases the potency the serums intend to achieve.

You may just get all your hail mary through these Garden of EDEN skincare duo packages of serum and cream/gel to address specific skin issues like pigmentation, acne, dull skin and skin ageing.

Another key factor for you to consider is that the common ingredients in all Garden of EDEN Malaysia Hydra skincare products target deeper levels of skin penetration. Not only that, niacinamide which is part of all the products has many famous benefits, from moisturisation and skin smoothening to protection from sun damage and oxidative stress among many others.

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