Gentle Way to Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate for Sensitive Skin

  Great looking skin begins with proper cleansing and toning, the very basic yet essential first step in maintaining good-looking skin. This is especially true if you wear make-up, are exposed to environmental pollution and have sensitive skin. Indeed, proper cleansing and toning and facial scrub once a week enhances skincare treatment or reduces its effect when the skin is not properly cleaned.      


We all know the normal twice-daily skincare routine of cleansing the face followed by toning when we wake up and before we go to sleep. But how many of us know how to select a good cleanser and toner that suit our skin type?  Not all cleansers are the same. Some cleansers contain harsh cleansing ingredients that leave the skin feeling dry and sensitive. Fine lines appear faster in dehydrated skin.

      GARDEN OF EDEN GENTLE MILK CLEANSER  - THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN Using the right cleanser will help prevent excessive depletion of the skin’s natural oil. This is especially true for those with dry and sensitive skin.  Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser is specially formulated using a complex of gentle cleansing ingredients that rehydrate the skin while gently cleansing it.  Ideal for those who frequently cleanse their faces and who have sensitive skin. Gentle Milk    Cleanser is dermatologically tested suitable for sensitive skin. To re-hydrate the skin, Gentle Milk Cleanser contains aloe vera extracts, allantoin and vegetable glycerin for smoother and softer skin. Gentle Milk Cleanser is FREE from:
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) a harsh cleansing agent found in dishwashers
  • Mineral Oil a by-product of petroleum
  • Colorant that may irritate
  • Parabens
REMOVING MAKE-UP THE GENTLE WAY Gentle Milk Cleanser is excellent for removing make-up including eye-make-up.  For those with oily skin and wear make-up,  it is recommended you do double skin cleansing to prevent blocked pores and acne breakout.  First, remove the make-up with  Gentle Milk Cleanser followed by Garden of Eden Rosa T Mild Gel Cleanser. Then finish off with Garden of Eden Soothing Toner for a refreshing clean feel.       REVITALISE WITH ALCOHOL-FREE SOOTHING TONER AFTER CLEANSING To complete your skincare routine use Garden of Eden Soothing Toner dermatologically tested suitable for sensitive skin to: Refine and minimize open pores with paraben-free eco-certified Witch Hazel extract Remove excess residue of make-up and grime Soothe and calm the skin with lavender essential oil Revitalize and protect the skin with Gingko Biloba and Grape Seed extracts Hydrate and soften the skin with Aloe vera and allantoin Prepare the skin for optimum skin treatment with your choice of Garden of Eden natural serums.           BRIGHTEN AND GLOW WITH GENTLE EXFOLIATING FACIAL SCRUB Once a week exfoliate or give your skin a gentle facial scrub to remove dead skin cells, oil build-up and impurities while promoting new skin growth. Garden of Eden facial scrub uses rice beads great for delicate and sensitive skin and environmentally friendly. It contains pomegranate and licorice root extracts to lighten and brighten your skin. Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil are added to rehydrate and soften the skin. Natural Peppermint and Geranium essential oils give off a refreshing after scrub-feel that gives the skin a natural glow. Together the Gentle Milk Cleanser, the Soothing Toner and the Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrubs is a must-have daily routine skincare dedicated to those who have sensitive skin and who cares what they put on their skin.  

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