Jojo E Hospital Stay First Winner

Welcome to beautiful October, everyone! We're truly looking forward to blue skies free of haze this month! If you've been doing your best to keep indoors due to the haze, we've been busy and out and about!

During the last weekend of September, our entire team was working hard at two different baby expos to share about our JOJO E Stretch Mark products!

We had a fabulous occasion announcing the first winner of our JOJO E First-Class Mom Contest after running the contest for 4 months!

Our heartiest congratulations to mom-to-be, Janice Tan Shin Sze for being the 1st Winner of our JOJO E First-Class Mom Contest! Janice walks away with a sponsored first-class hospital stay for her delivery worth up to RM3,000!

If you didn't win, fret not as it's not too late! We're looking for our 2nd and 3rd winner of our JOJO E contest!

We asked what Janice thinks about JOJO E Stretch Mark Serum and Cream. Here's what she has to say: 


I used to have extremely dry and flaky skin. For the past few months, I’ve tried a few anti-stretch marks cream and oil from other brands. Unfortunately, my belly felt very itchy especially when I am about to sleep. 


I’ve started to use JOJO E stretch mark cream and serum when I was 5 months pregnant. 

Surprisingly, my skin is getting so much better with Jojo E products! My skin is no longer flaky and I don’t have to be worried that I will scratch my belly when I’m asleep. My bump is finally smooth and shiny! 


JOJO E products are really affordable and it works well on my skin... I would definitely recommend JOJO E products to all pregnant moms!


Prevent and reduce existing stretch marks, 100% plant actives. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.


For a limited time, receive 25% OFF on JOJO E Stretch Mark products & get a FREE GIFT for each pack purchased! Plus, when you buy only 4 JOJO E packs, you can redeem 1 FREE and qualify to win a First-Class Hospital Stay for your delivery (see details in redemption and contest form inside JOJO E Pack)!


Discover our JOJO E Promo Packs Here!


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