Special Edition Jumbo Rosa E - Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Refund or Money Back Guarantee (MBG”)
  1. Eligible customers who have purchased the Special Edition Jumbo ROSA E (the “Product”) pack and who are not satisfied with the improvement aspects/effects of the Products are entitled to claim the MBG in accordance with the terms & conditions of the company (Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd).
  2. The  MBG  is  solely  managed  and  handled  by  Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd.
  3. Scope of MBG
The   MBG   covers   the   improvement   aspects/effects   of   the   Products   on   the  customer’s skin/complexion after a minimum 4-week period of use, such as the brightening effect, improvement of skin tone etc. The MBG does not cover any physical profile aspects of the Products such as the Products’ smell, texture, feel etc.
  1. How to request for MBG?
Eligible customer must e-mail Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd at hello@goeskincare.com  and attach in the e-mail the following:
  • The  Eligible  Customer’s  full  name,  NRIC  number,  address,  mobile  number,  and Bank account details (name of bank and account number);
  •    Proof of purchase of the Products;
  •    The Eligible Customer’s Before Photo (Before using the Products); and
  •    The  Eligible  Customer’s  After  Photo s showing  no  improvement  aspects/effects  of  the Products on the Eligible Customer's skin/complexion after a minimum 4-week period of use.
  1. Eligible Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail from Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd to confirm receipt of their e-mail and to advise on the next steps.
  2. Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd reserves the right to request for further information and to request face-to-face/video communication with the Eligible Customer in connection with the MBG request.
  3. The Eligible Customer must send the used Product and proof of purchase to Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd within 30 days of being so notified by Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd (with allowance of 7 days for shipping lead time). All costs of postage must be borne by the Eligible Customer.
  4. If deemed eligible for the MBG by Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd, the refund will be processed within 30 working days of Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd receiving the used Product and proof of purchase.
  5. Once the refund is processed, the Eligible Customer will receive a notification via e- mail.
  6. Maxwell Pharma Sdn Bhd deserves the right to amend, change, or terminate the MBG at any time without prior notice.

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