6 Ways On How to Choose a Good Sunscreen

Selecting a sunscreen is much like finding your own soul mate. It's hard to find a good match, and it has to blend in well and feel right! Once you find the right match, it's often that you're stuck to a good one for life!  Many of us know that wearing a sunscreen is an absolute non-negotiable, but do you know how to select a good sunscreen suitable for your skin?  Here are six ways on how to choose a good sunscreen!   1. Choose Physical Sunscreens Vs. Chemical Sunscreens There are two ways a sunscreen can work to protect your skin from harmful UV rays: Chemical Sunscreen For a chemical sunscreen, the sunscreen is first absorbed by the skin and is converted into heat and released by the skin.  Examples of active ingredients in chemical sunscreens include avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone.  Physical  (or Mineral Sunscreen) A physical sunblock sits on top of the skin and reflects the sun's rays. Examples of active ingredients in physical sunscreens include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Here's a chart comparison between Chemical and Physical Sunscreens.     2. Choose a formulation loaded with antioxidants Why opt for just a sunscreen (single-function) when you can get all the anti-aging benefits from antioxidants and vitamins thrown in (multi-function)? Antioxidants and vitamins help nourish the skin, make the skin feel and look better in the long run! Also, if and should the sunscreen wears out from your skin (after hours of application), it is the antioxidants that kick in and help protect the skin cells from UV damage!    Look out for plant-based ingredients in your sunscreen ingredient list like rosehip seed oil, grape seed oil, Vitamin C ester, evening primrose oil, ginkgo biloba, Vitamin E!     3. Non-Nano or Nano? – When it comes to sunscreen and the usage of particles of active ingredients, choose a sunscreen formulation that has non-nano active ingredients (safe and recommended by the EU). Non-nano particles simply means the particle size of the active ingredients are large enough to not penetrate into the skin’s layer and only sits on the skin surface to reflect UV rays. Nano particles on the other hand, are extremely small in size and can sink into the skin’s layer and bloodstream, potentially causing harm to the skin.     4. Texture, texture, texture - You’ve heard this before and probably even experienced it yourself. Sunscreens are famous for tending to be heavy in texture, sticky, and may even clog pores, especially for those of you who are acne-prone. Try to select a sunscreen that is dermatologically tested or non-comedogenic (will not clog pores). Make sure you choose a sunscreen that has a lightweight texture and allows your skin to breathe, especially in our tropical weather!     5. Hydrating Formula A lot of sunscreens in the market function as just a sunscreen. We’re saying a sunscreen should have a lot more to its formulation, such as putting in hydration factors to keep your skin hydrated whilst protecting the skin. Because hydrated skin = happy skin!     6. Paraben-Free FormulationParabens are essentially preservatives used in skincare products to preserve the shelf-life of the product. Depending on the percentage used, parabens have been found by science to cause skin sensitivity and redness.             We’ll admit we’re biased when it comes to selection of sunscreens, but our Satin White Day Cream SPF 30 is by far is one that ticks all the boxes above for us (paraben-free, contains antioxidants, hydrating non-sticky formula, and dermatologically tested with non-nano formulation!) Have you tried it yet? Share it with us (we love hearing from you!). Hit us up on our Instagram @goe_skincare or Facebook @goeskincare and let’s start talking sunscreen!      

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