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We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the news portal - Majoriti!   Majoriti is a new Bahasa Malaysia news portal that focuses on providing reports on current affairs and bringing added value to its customers with its strategic partners.   With the tagline “Refleksi Tanpa Prejudis” (Reflection Without Prejudice), Majoriti’s manifesto revolves around providing unbiased news and views to the public as it teams up with a diverse set of partners to expand each other’s offerings.   Quoted from the Majoriti product lead Chung Eng Lee, "people are increasingly paying close attention to not just what works best for their skin, but also to products that cause less harm to the environment. Garden of EDEN caters to these environmental concerns on top of providing a range of skincare products to suit every need. This partnership will create a compelling and sustainable value to our respective platforms." If you are a reader of the new portal, you can get your hands on an exclusive discount of 25% on much-raved-about Garden of EDEN skincare products. Get yourself a step closer to glowing skin courtesy of news portal - Majoriti. To find out more, visit Majoriti.

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