Garden of EDEN
Brand Purpose

Our purpose is to advocate for proven botanical skincare formulations that's kind to skin & kind to planet so that women can be
comfortable in their own skin.

Derma Plant-Based Skincare - Clean Beauty - Safe | Effective | Natural

And, we believe ingredients matter in skincare, and less is more. 

That's why at Garden of EDEN, we're about advocating for plant-based ingredients in our formulations.

Each ingredient selected is based on scientifically proven results that you can see and feel.

All Garden of EDEN skincare are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, and are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Our award-winning 100% natural and Clinically Proven serums include ROSA E Pigmentation Serum, ROSA T Acne Serum, & Primrose E Radiant Serum as well as a range of cleansing essentials and 72 hour hydration moisturizers to make you look and feel your best.

Brand Values.



Kind To The Skin

Kind To The Planet



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