Pigmentation Therapy Pack (CLEARANCE SALE EXP: 04/2025)

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Rosa E Pigmentation Serum is Clinically Proven to lighten pigmentation & skin tone in just 6 weeks using 100% natural plant extracts!*

Garden of Eden Pigmentation Therapy Pack is targeted specifically at fading pigmentation spots and boosting skin radiance and even-tone. We recommend using Grape E Anti-Aging Serum during the day to slow down aging and increase skin protection against harsh environmental elements like UV rays, pollution, and stress, while Rosa E Pigmentation Serum is recommended to use during the night to help to accelerate cell renewal and regeneration, revealing radiant, even toned skin. It contains cold-pressed Rosa Hip Seed Oil from South America that helps renew and repair skin.

  • Made from 100% plant concentrates undiluted with water or fillers
  • 100% Plant-based (FREE from chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, animal ingredients, colouring, artificial fragrance)
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Quick absorption formula
  • Halal-certified
  • Designed to give your skin a healthy glow, day by day, the longer you use the product

DAY: DAY: Cleanse and tone face and apply 2-3 drops of Grape E Anti-Aging Serum onto forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Gently massage upwards until fully absorbed. Follow with Satin White Day Cream.

NIGHTNIGHT: Cleanse face and tone face. Apply 2-3 drops of Rosa E Pigmentation Serum onto forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Gently massage upwards until fully absorbed. Moisturizer not necessary.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Rosehip Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E

An elixir of pure rosehip seed oil complemented by grape seed oil and natural vitamin E, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum lightens pigmentation & acne marks, improves skin’s overall complexion. With essential fatty acids derived from rosehip seed oil & grape seed oil, this serum moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while promoting skin renewal & repair. Powerful antioxidants like natural vitamin E & grape seed oil protect skin from harmful free radicals. Helps firm up the skin and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Use Rosa E Serum at night and wake up with softer, smoother and brighter skin.



ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Grape Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E

A delicate blend of pure grape seed oil & natural vitamin E, Grape E Anti-aging Serum packs a powerful antioxidant punch. This serum effectively neutralizes the destructive effects of free radicals — the leading cause of premature aging. In addition, it supplements your skin with essential nutrients that are crucial to skin regeneration for healthy skin. A daily use of the serum gives you a firm, youthful and healthy looking skin while delaying the signs of aging.


  • Reduces pigmentation and lightens skin tone
  • Promotes skin repair and renewal
  • Reduces fine lines, restores skin’s suppleness



  • Delays early signs of aging
  • Promotes skin’s youthful radiance
  • Improves skin’s elasticity