Natural Acne Remedy

Treat Acne With Natural Plant Botanicals

Hormonal changes in adolescence and even in pregnancy can trigger off excessive sebum production in the skin leading to clogged pores, black heads and acne break out. Now, it is possible to control both acne and acne scars with an all-natural chemical free product using a 100% botanical serum to provide an all-natural chemical free treatment aimed at:
  • Reducing excessive sebum and oily skin
  • Clearing acne effectively, and
  • Improving and reducing acne scars
Rosa T Acne Serum is 100% natural making it free from parabens, chemicals, preservatives, colouring, fragrance, alcohol and animal ingredients, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin, especially for teenagers who are looking for a solution from acne and oily skin! Instead of controlling your acne with products laden with chemicals, how about giving natural products a try?  

The Wonder of Tea Tree Oil

Rosa T Acne Serum uses the highest pharmaceutical grade of Tea Tree Oil (Maleleuca alternifolia), derived from the Tea Tree. Tea Tree is an indigenous plant found in Australia which has been proven to have antibacterial properties to clear acne infection. In fact, according to Wikipedia, tea tree oil is heralded as “a medicine chest in a bottle”. An interesting trivia is that tea tree oil was widely used by the Australian soldiers during World War Two to treat wound infections. Today, Garden of EDEN has used this very unique plant in its wonderful product Rosa T Acne Serum to treat acne and oily skin. In a study done, tea tree oil performed just as well as benzoyl peroxide (a common acne drug used in acne treatment) in helping to improve acne conditions, but without its side effects of skin irritation, redness and peeling. This very natural aspect of Rosa T Acne Serum makes it a very suitable and effective remedy for young and sensitive skin, to ensure the skin is not further damaged by chemical laden ingredients.  

Normalize Oily Skin with Linoleic Acid

Rosa T Acne Serum contains a high level of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid (EFA) found in Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Moschata) and Grape Seed Oil (Vitis vinefera), key ingredient in Rosa T Acne serum to effectively normalize skin’s sebum production and reduce oily skin.  

Reduce Acne Scars

Natural Vitamin E in Rosa T Acne Serum helps protect collagen in the skin, help accelerate skin growth and aid in skin repair, smoothening out new and old acne scars and help prevent new scars from occurring. For best results for acne care, use Garden of EDEN Rosa T Acne Serum (for night time intensive treatment) together with Garden of EDEN Rosa T Mild Gel Cleanser (cleanse skin twice daily) and Rosa T Acne Gel (during the day).  

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