Rosy Remedy with 2 Times Extra Skin Brightening

A common skin problem facing a lot of women is the appearance of dark patches and uneven skin tone or hyper-pigmentation. Usually women with pigmentation also experience appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This can happen as early as late twenties and is more visible for fair skin people. Can we avoid or reduce pigmentation and signs of early ageing?

What Causes Hyper-Pigmentation?

The main cause of pigmentation is over exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. This does not happen overnight. Hyper-pigmentation is the result of long-term sun exposure on unprotected skin. The longer the skin is exposed to the sun the thicker is the melanin deposits that usually appear as uneven dark patches. They are harmless but esthetically unattractive.  

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Sun’s UV rays do not only cause melanin deposits which causes hyper-pigmentation and course-looking skin but they also harm the skin’s collagen and elastin, the substance that keep our skin firm and smooth. UV rays attack and damage the skin cells and collagen causing early skin ageing. Unprotected skin collagen is easily damaged by UV light and free radicals.  

Go the Natural Way - Simple & Safe Yet Effective

The natural solution to brighter youthful skin is sun protection.Choose natural products with high concentration of natural ingredients that target at skin protection and skin regeneration.. Garden of Eden Rosa E Pigmentation Serum, a 100% plant-based pigmentation serum is highly recommended for pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Also highly recommended is the complementary Garden of Eden sun protector product, Satin White Day Cream SPF 30 with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection which functions both as a sunscreen and skin lightener . Satin White Day Cream contains Vitamin C ester, a powerful antioxidant with skin lightening effect. When used together, these two products give the skin a two times extra brightening effect.  

Clinically Proven Rosa E Serum

The good news is Rosa E Pigmentation Serum contains the right kind of active botanical ingredients in high concentration that help reduce pigmentation, even out skin tone and increase skin brightness. Just two to three drops of Rosa E Serum applied evenly on entire face or affected areas morning and night after cleansing is sufficient to produce visible results as early as the third week of regular use. In a recently completed clinical trial by a USA FDA approved test centre using Rosa E Pigmentation Serum on selected subjects with mild to severe hyper-pigmentation, 80% of the subjects showed good to excellent results in a 84-day trial. The subjects also found remarkable reduction in their facial wrinkles and fine lines and increase in skin brightness and complexion.  

The Malaysian Rosa E Challenge

To duplicate the US FDA clinical trial, a Rosa E Challenge campaign was conducted nationwide to prove the efficacy of Rosa E Pigmentation Serum amongst Malaysian users. The 6 month campaign (December 2016-June2017) attracted more than 300 participants who submitted their before and after pictures . Based on their before and after pictures winners were selected for best reduction in skin pigmentation and improved skin tone , increased skin brightness and skin firming. Similar to the US FDA clinical trial, the product works on 99% of Malaysian users with visible improvements after using Rosa E Serum over 3 months.   Secret To Bright Rosy Skin The secret to Rosa E Pigmentation Serum’s effectiveness is its all-natural ingredient Rosehip seed oil rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, which provide vital skin nutrients to nourish, repair and regenerate new skin cells. Faster skin repair and renewal helps in faster skin regeneration from the dermis to the epidermis resulting in more even tone skin, brighter and firmer skin in a natural way. To increase the effectiveness of the product, powerful antioxidants from Natural Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil which is rich in natural antioxidant, Proanthoxynidins. Those who use Rosa E Pigmentation Serum commented that they experience an increase in skin firmness and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and more even skin tone. To enhance the brightening and anti-ageing effect of Rosa E Pigmentation Serum use Satin White Day Cream over Rosa E Pigmentation Serum daily.