Argan Oil Plus Serum

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Argan Oil Plus Serum, a premium beauty serum, gives an extra boost of radiance to your complexion and infuses dry skin with hydration it needs. Garden of Eden’s Argan Oil Plus is 100% plant based uses ECO-Certified Organic Argan Oil for skin regeneration and hydration. It is fortified with super antioxident, Tocotrienols, and grape seen oil rich in powerful antioxident, proanthocynidine for skin firmness and anti-aging. Great absorption and non greasy. Other great uses include promoting shine and reducing frizz on hair and fortifying nails. Use day or night.

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After cleansing and toning face, apply 2-4 small drops of serum onto whole face, massaging in gently till absorbed. Best results to follow with Satin White Day Cream SPF 30 during the day.


EXTRA Beautiful Skin – Used as a face serum, it gives excellent skin hydration. An excellent moisturizer with anti – aging benefits to fight aging.

  • Reduces fine lines
  • Moisturizes & softens skin
  • Improves dry skin
  • Restores & promotes youthful glowing skin


EXTRA Beautiful Nails – Protect and strengthens dry, brittle and broken nails with extra rich nutrients and antioxidants. Enhance growth of strong and beautiful cuticles.

  • Strengthens weak & brittle nails


EXTRA Beautiful Hair – Restore hair’s health caused by chemical – treatments and excessive perming.

  • Restores lustre and hair shine
  • repairs damaged and split hair ends
  • Hydrates & softens dry frizzy hair



4 reviews for Argan Oil Plus Serum

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sarah Frederica

    The best argan product! I’ve tried other products that are using argan as their ingredient and they promised so much for their products, but it didn’t work on my skin at all! Garden of Eden is really different. Good different, I mean. Though GOE Skin Care’s Argan Oil is a little bit expensive compared to other products, but worth the penny! I love my skin now. Thank you, Garden of Eden.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Sarah Frederica

    Oh yeah I also wanna know how is exactly the right usage of Argan Oil Plus Serum. I’m buying Gentle Milk Cleanser and Soothing Toner (my skin has no major problems fyi). So, which one should I use first after cleansing my face? The toner or the Argan Oil serum?

  3. Atiqah

    Thank you for your review. After cleansing your skin, please use toner first and once dried, you can apply the Argan Oil.

  4. izan72kadir (verified owner)

    Hi can i use at my lashes

    • a.filzah

      Yes you can apply on your lashes. Eye lashes is like hair . Apply small amount avoid getting into eye

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